Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Iowa City Check

Last Thursday I headed down to Iowa City for Blake's monthly dialysis check-up. Our good friend Sara, who recently moved down by Cedar Rapids, was kind enough to want to go with and help with the boys. Bless her for making my day easier! :)

Anyway, Blake is doing wonderfully!! He is growing like he should and his labs are looking great! The one thing that they are a little concerned about is his blood pressure. It's a little on the high side (but it has been since he was in the hospital), so they tweaked his dialysis script once again to try to get that down a little. Like Dr. Jetton said, Blake is a "moving target," because he is constantly growing so we have to continually change his dialysis script, along with his meds.

Other than that, a pretty uneventful trip. We did make a quick trip up to the NICU to visit. One of our favorite nurses was working, so she got to come out and visit. Jodi, if you're reading this, it was WONDERFUL to see you!! :) Those nurses up there are so great and I know I wouldn't have made it through those 10 weeks without them.

So, we head back on October 13th for our next check-up.

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