Thursday, September 1, 2011

The best so far...

There's really no general theme behind any of these photos. They are just a random assortment of the twins and what they've been up to. Getting too big, too fast.

I love these onesies because they each say "One in a million." Notice how they are holding hands. Melts my mommy heart.
Blake (left) and Bowen (right)
Both serious...
...and both happy!
Bowen (left) and Blake (right)
I love naked babies! Love the bigs eyes and that they were both gnawing on their hands. I think they were giving me the, "are you going to feed me soon?" look.
Blake (left) and Bowen (right)
Boys lovin' some tummy time! Notice the drool on both of them. :)
Bowen (left) and Blake (right)
And finally...
I think this is the best both-looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling picture I have gotten in four and a half months. It was work. I had to be at my goofiest, but they bought it. I would be goofy all day long if I got results like this:
How do you not smile when you look at that?!
Bowen (left) and Blakers (right)

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