Monday, September 26, 2011

Benefit Breakfast

Here's my disclaimer from now until my kids graduate: I will always be behind on my blog. I'm always busy with something it's hard to find time!!

Ok, moving on. :)

Over the Labor Day weekend the cheerleaders at West Marshall were kind enough to put on a benefit breakfast for our family. What a bunch of sweet girls and parents to do that for us! I kept thinking there might be about 7 people that showed up, but it was such a good turnout! Not overwhelmingly busy, but steady for four hours straight.

Aaron and I tried to get around to thank as many people as we could. The babies got passed around and Jenna and Brody played with whatever kids were close to there age.

The girls were ready to start!

All of us with the cheerleaders

This benefit made me realize how fortunate we are to live in State Center and the West Marshall community. People here have taken our family in as one of their own and we are just so grateful to everyone!

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