Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm "sew" embarrassed

Here's my embarrassing confession: we have lived in our house for 3.5 years and I have no curtains in my living room and toy room. White, white, white. Finally, I snapped last week. I told Aaron we were getting curtains and getting them soon! So, last Friday when we were in Target I found some I really liked for the four windows that were needing them. Aaron had other ideas. Our conversation went like this:

Me: I really like these curtains!
Aaron: You are not spending that much on curtains. I can make you curtains for half that price.
Me: Yeah right.
Aaron: Yes, Jame, I can.
Me: Fine. I bet you $5 (big better, aren't I?!) that you can't make curtains.
Aaron: Let's go to Hobby Lobby.

Fast forward to us being home. Long story short, a few years ago I was able to get a nice sewing machine for free. Well, it was finally time to use the machine and do you think we could find the darn pedal anywhere? Of course not! Luckily, our good friend Mary let us borrow her sewing machine and Aaron got to work.
My cousin, Ken, helped Aaron pin the material.
And away Aaron went! I was shocked he still remembered how to sew. I'm embarrassed that I can't sew because it's something I wish I could do, but I'm also impressed that Aaron can.
After watching for a while, I decided I wanted to give it a try. Me, a person who couldn't even thread the dang sewing machine in junior high. Me, a person who opted to take shop over home ec in high school so I could avoid sewing again.

Aaron was trying to give me the run down. I actually did ok, until...
I pricked my finger with a pin! Oh well, I can say I sewed two sides of one of the four curtains Aaron made, right?! :)

Drumroll...the final product....
He was so proud!!

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Mary or Jerod said...

Great fabric :) I love the curtains and I'm happy someone else could get some good use out of the machine since I've been too busy to use it lately- turns out babies are a lot of work, who'd have thought?! Fantastic work Team Burdorf!