Saturday, August 27, 2011

Four and a half months

Our baby boys are four and a half months old. They are growing bigger and getting stronger every single day and it is just so fun to watch them!

They are starting to catch-up a little as far as percentiles go. They are both 25" long and in the 50th percentile and their weights are right around 15 lbs., which is in the 25th percentile. The doctors are so incredibly happy that they continue to grow at the same pace.

I was so bummed that Blake had to be in the hospital for as long as he was. I really, really, really wanted cute twin newborn pics of them all snuggly and stuff. The other day I got the next best thing. I was doing a project in Jenna's room and the boys fell asleep on her bed like this:

I know, right?! Super adorable! I can sense the twin bond between them all the time. It truly amazes me.

This was too precious. It's like they are always aware of where the other one is. Bowen was resting his hand on Blake's leg.

My sleepy boys.

Here's another thing they like to do: SMILE!! :) They are such happy babies and we are so very lucky. No matter how crazy things are around our house, I see those smiles and it is an instant mood lifter!
Jenna and Bowen
Brody and Blake

Some of the things they are doing right now are:
1. Rolling over like crazy
2. Getting into crawl position (it's only a matter of time...)
3. Working on eating cereal
4. Just started playing in their exersaucer
5. Drooling. Lots of drooling.
6. Kicking/punching/wrestling with each other


Gregori Family Blog said...

They are adorable!!!

Bodie said...

Absolutely adorable pictures and so glad to hear they are doing so well. I totally understand newborn baby pictures because we don't have many of them together and the ones we do are not the normal ones they had cords and wires and such. But the good news is we have a lifetime for "cute" pictures. Have a great week!

The Hunecke Family said...

So crazy how big they are getting. Can't wait to see them!