Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're getting there...

We once again spent the weekend in Iowa City with Blakers. He continues to do well and is making progress every single day. Right now the two biggest things are his dialysis and eating.

As of Sunday, his dialysis was at 160 mL and they had him on 16 cycles for 14 hours. The goal for home: 200 mL for 12 cycles in 10 hours. 10 hours!! That would be so amazing if we could get him down to that time. The doctor this morning said they are going to tweak his dialysis solution just a little and get him to where he needs to be for home.

Blake is starting to eat a little better. We will continue to work with him on this so we don't have to do the g-tube stuff during the day. I just think it helps when you have a parent there to work with him because we push Blake a little more and are more patient with him.

Bev and Gary Laurich came to visit today and we had a nice time catching up with them. Bev got some good cuddle time in with Blake!

Other than that, tomorrow is our first day of training. I'm kind of nervous, just because we don't really know what it all entails besides the obvious training on the machine. Hopefully we can both pick it up quickly and we'll be able to get Blake home SOON!!

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Anonymous said...

Have confidence in yourselves. I know you will do well and Blake will be home as quick as possible.
We're still praying for you.