Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This herky was in the hospital and the kids loved it, so of course we had to take a picture.

A friend of ours bought these adorable onesies for the boys & I was dying to get their pics taken in them!

Guess where we spent Memorial Day weekend? You guessed it. Iowa City! To say that Aaron and I (and probably me more because I make more trips there than he does) are sick of Iowa City is an understatement. We know we've made it a long way with Blake and we know that they end is in sight, but right now it's just at that point where it feels L-O-N-G.

Here's the good news: Blake did awesome in his surgery last Friday! Our boy is a champ. :) They ended up repairing both hernia sites and there were no complications. Aaron had a game on Friday night in Newton, so we headed down Saturday morning.

What I love about seeing Blake is that he knows US. All of US. He perks up when we walk in the room and start talking. His big blue eyes start looking around and it just melts your heart! Aaron and I were both able to take turns and spend some quality one-on-one time with him, which he deserves. My dad also made his first trip down to Iowa City and in hummin'-Lar fashion, was humming to Blake and telling him about the classical music that was playing in his room. :)

Dialysis update: He stayed at 110 mL of his dialysis solution because they didn't want to risk damage to the newly fixed hernia sites. Blakers seems to be doing well and is hooked up to the machine for about 18 hours each day. The team of doctors is anticipating he will be up to about 180 mL by the time he goes home and the higher that number goes, the less time he will be on the machine.

Other random updates: Blake got moved from Bay 1 (most intensive care unit) to Bay 2. This is good can't get discharged from Bay 1, so we're another step closer to going home! Aaron and I are scheduled to begin training on June 6th. This will be Monday-Friday for 3-4 hours a day. They do this right before you go home! Also, we are likely going to be moved to an apartment style room in the near future. It will have a t.v., couch and private bathroom. Many people think we have televisions in the rooms, but we don't. It will nice to not be cramped.

I'm heading down today again with my co-pilot, Mr. Bowen. We're praying for safe travels and continued progress!

Our four baby dolls

All six of us. Can't wait for us all to be home. :)

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Bodie said...

Love the updates and love the pictures! you guys are doing great keep it up! The end is new and it is all worth it. Let us know if we can do anything.