Sunday, June 19, 2011

So HAPPY together!

We made it home on Friday afternoon to find that Jenna and Brody had done some nice artwork with Grandma Linda to welcome Blake home.

Friday night State Center's annual Rose Festival took place. We are not really a family to stay at home, so even though Blake had just gotten home, we loaded up the kiddos and walked a couple blocks to see what was going on. It was craziness! We were stopped constantly by people wanting to see Blake and Bowen. I think the best sign for Blake is that everybody asked what baby was the one in the hospital, they couldn't even tell because Blakers looks just as good as Bowen!

Saturday we went to the parade in the morning, followed by two of Aaron's baseball games. The kids got entirely too much candy, but had a good time. Aaron's team won the first game, but lost in the championship game.

I also captured pictures of the two boys smiling!! Everytime Bowen would see the camera he would quit smiling and Blake is just starting to smile more, so I felt lucky I captured this look. One thing we have noticed is that they look A LOT alike when they smile and sleep. You can see the evidence above. :)

Daddy hanging with his boys. Bowen is listening intently, but Blake doesn't really look interested.

The boys' new ride. And mommy's new ride too! I LOVE the new double stroller!
Bowen is on the left and Blake on the right. (Hope that helps you Grandma)

My boys! I love them!

Welcome to our "new chaotic life." Four kids is probably going to equal impossible when it comes to pictures. This picture makes me smile though, because even though it's crazy trying to get everybody on schedules and stuff, we are all together and that makes everything ok!


Mary or Jerod said...

I just have to say that I've never seen you and your family look so happy- before Blake came home you could just tell that there was something missing from your day to day, and now you all look so....fulfilled. Couldn't be happier for you :)

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the bottom picture. I especially love the face that Brody is making :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody! I am catching up- I read your updates but don't always get something written but think of all of you often! Great pictures of everyone- so glad things are going well! Love Diane