Sunday, January 23, 2011


Thursday nite Aaron had to ref in Des Moines and there was a home wrestling meet that needed to be covered, so I packed up the kids, headed out into the cold and into the way-too-hot gym.

I have to say, because my kids don't know any different and they've been going to games since they were in the womb, they really are very good when we have to go to sporting events. I tend to sit somewhere where they can move around a little (if possible) and aren't sitting super close to other fans. That back-fired on Thursday.

Halfway through the nite, Brody comes walking over to me and he has something in his mouth. The conversation went like this:

Me: Brody, do you have something in your mouth?
Brody: No.
Me: Brody, you're chewing on something, what is it?
Brody: I chewing on gum.
Me: GUM?! I didn't give you any gum. Oh my gosh! Did you get that off the floor?
Brody: No, not off the floor. Off the bleachers.
Me: Off the bleachers?
Brody: Yeah, it was under here (pointing underneath the bleachers).
Me: (freaking out) Brody, that's DISGUSTING! Give me the gum right now!
Brody: It's not disgusting! It's good!

So I, trying not to vomit over the fact that my child was chewing gum that had previously been in someone else's mouth, made him spit it out immediately and just tried not to think about it.

Also at the wrestling meet were two twins boys (they happen to be step-brothers of one of Aaron's baseball players). On the way home I asked Jenna if she saw the boys. She said yes, but she didn't think they were twins. I asked her why not and she said because they weren't dressed alike. I told her twins didn't have to be dressed alike and she said they did, so it looks like we'll have to work on this before the babies get here. :)


Mary or Jerod said...

Holy cow! That's hilarious- and it totally does not surprise me that he did it OR that he enjoyed it :) I know... my day is coming...

Kimberly said...

I would have been the same way!!! Once we were in a unisex bathroom and I had both of the girls with me. As I was taking my turn, I hear Hannah say, "what's this mommy?" As I look up at her, she has the blue urnal cake! I just kept telling her to put it down and not to touch anything until I could wash her hands. It was so disgusting I thought I was going to throw up too!