Monday, December 26, 2016


If you all know anything about me, you know that I love winter and I love to go sledding.  I have fond memories growing up of sledding and I want to pass that love along to my own kiddos.

When we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family, we were very excited that they had snow in Cherokee and we could go sledding!  An added bonus is that Jess and Mitch's house is on top of a hill, so we could sled literally in their front yard. 

We went Friday when it was snowing and Saturday when it was considerably colder and we could only stay outside for about 30 minutes.  Sunday was the day that it was -22 below and the feels like was -39.  Yikes.

Anyway, sledding...  So much family fun!
 The worst part is always the hike back up the hill, am I right?!
 Maddox is fearless, as always.
 Everybody decided to have a race down the hill.  On your mark, get set,  GO....!
 My favorite part of this photo are everybody's expressions AND the fact that Blake willingly jumped on Uncle Justin's back. 
 Jenna's ride down the hill didn't go so hot....

 The uncles, Justin and Mitch, got the kids involved in a competition to see who could stay upright the entire way down the hill. 
 Guess what?  Justin was the winner!
 Jess and Mitch had to race. 
 Jess didn't win...
 Blake's attempt at going down upright.
 My bearded brother.  He was all frozen and I asked him to take his picture.  I LOVE IT!
 Bowen's attempt at staying upright.  He did pretty well and made it halfway down the hill before...
.... he wiped out.
 McCoy.  Seriously.  The cuteness.

The view from their house.  So pretty, especially while the snow fell. Our snow is all melted here at home, so we're hoping for some snow soon so we can go out and go sledding again!

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