Monday, November 14, 2016

Three year kidney-versary!

November 5, 2013...


Saturday, November 5th, we celebrated Blake’s three year kidney-versary!  It’s strange to think that it has already been three years.  On the one hand, it seems like yesterday and on the other, it seems like this is how it’s always been.
As you can see, the little turkey is doing well (knock on wood).  He is ornery and full of energy!  
The things you don’t realize until you have crappy kidneys is that they help with your growth.  Blake used to be, in his dialysis days, below the tenth percentile for length and weight.  Right now, he’s up and over the 80th percentiles for both of those.  I
Not only has his kidney been a rock star, but he still (knock on wood) continues to pee on his own.  
There are so many miracles in this story we call life.  The miracle that he even survived birth when he had a 90% chance that he wouldn’t. The miracle that he did so well on dialysis and really took to it.  The miracle of his donor, a complete stranger, that just wanted to help someone.  The miracle of minutes on the scariest day ever, when those doctors did everything they could with the clock ticking and saved his life.  The miracle that he is not only here, but thriving.
My prayer for my sweet boy is that he keeps beating the odds, never stops fighting and does it all with that same smile on his face, but that’s just the way I see it.

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