Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First day of school 2016!

Tuesday was the first day of school.  Tuesday was the first day that I sent all four of my kiddos to "the big school" as the twins like to say.  People say time flies and they are right.  I can't believe it. 

I was very nervous about how Blake would do since he gets anxious in new environments and around new people.  I think the back-to-school night helped on Monday, plus we may have visited his room a couple weeks ago too.  Bowen was a rock star.  Blake was a rock star.  Not a single tear, I couldn't believe it!
Jenna, 5th grade
As I was walking out of the school I had people telling me they were thinking about me and that they knew I would probably cry when I got out to the van.  You know what?  I didn't.  The only time all day I almost choked up was when I saw one of my favorite photos of the twins in matching shirts when they were about 18 months old.  I took one look at their chubby little faces and almost lost it, but held it in.  
Brody, 3rd Grade
I think the main reason that I didn't shed a tear was because we've come so far with the twins.  I remember when we thought we'd never see this day and then, there we were on Tuesday, sending the boys to kindergarten.  I felt grateful and thankful and blessed!
Blake, Kindergarten
Another reason is because Blake got to be in school on the first day.  He had an appointment in Iowa City last Friday and we learned that his tonsils have to come out and soon.  They did a ton of labs and talked about the possibilities for the enlarged tonsils.  In a transplant kiddo, it's not as simple as - he needs his tonsils out.  There's something causing his englarged tonsils and lymph nodes and they need to take them out to get an answer.  To be honest, some of the possibilities are kind of scary. 
Bowen, Kindergarten
 I got the call today that his tonsils are coming out on Friday!!!  Yes, like the 26th.  We head down for pre-op appointments on Thursday.  I'm super bummed that Blake is already having to miss school and he is sad too.  If you all could, please say some prayers and positive thoughts for Friday's surgery and also good news as we await the pathology report.  My stomach has been a mess since last Friday and I just want to have an answer. 
The school year is underway.  I'm excited for all of the kiddos and their teachers, I think they got a good bunch.  Oh yeah, Mr. Burdorf is also starting his 15th year teaching, but he left early for school so I didn't get a photo of him!

I will blog on Friday with a report on Blake's surgery.  #keepfightingblake


Pam said...

Prayers. Hugs. Best Wishes.

Pam said...

Great photos! Thoughts and prayers for safe trips and peaceful minds. God Bless You All.

Prayers for a great year!

Tara Laabs said...

Sending our prayers of healing, patience, and good news!