Friday, March 25, 2016

Oh hey....Happy Easter!

I just so happened to glance at my blog today and I noticed two things: 1. I still had a Christmas/Winter Wonderland background and 2. I hadn't posted in over a month.  A month!  Yikes.

I apologize if anybody has been checking this on a regular basis for my absence.  The days and weeks get away from me.  

We are staying busy as we typically do.  We've started baseball and softball practices for spring league.  Aaron is coaching Brody's team and I'm coaching Jenna's.  Aaron is the high school boys golf coach this season.  We've had spring concerts.  We had our birthday bash last weekend.  I feel like I might still be recovering from that. :)

We have no big Easter plans since we saw pretty much everybody last weekend for the birthdays.  Hanging out at home, heading to church and going to my dad's on Sunday for lunch.  Sounds like a plan to me!

The Easter Bunny was uptown a few weeks ago and I snapped a picture of the kids.  Gosh, they're getting big!!

Happy Easter!

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