Thursday, January 15, 2015

Loads of appointments

Tomorrow we head to Iowa City for a full day of appointments.  Blake has an ultrasound on the blood clot in his leg and also on his kidney and bladder.  Then, it's a consult with the urologist for results of the bladder/kidney ultrasound. 

I feel like Blake is doing great and he has given us no reason to worry.  But, at the same time, I know I'll be nervous until I hear the results from Dr. Kieran.  We so want him to be able to keep peeing like a regular kid and avoid the OR!!

From those appointments at Iowa River Landing, we head to the hospital for an iron infusion.  During the infusion, hematology will come talk to us about the results of the ultrasound on his blood clot.  Following that, Dr. Jetton will come for her check-up.  Whew!

A full day.  I swear it feels like you just sit.  Talk.  Wait.  Entertain a three-year old (or two), but between the appointments and the drive, it just wears you down.

Happy thoughts and prayers appreciated for good results tomorrow!  I'll let you know. :)

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B + A said...

I have yet to figure out how come those appts make you so drained! Love the ease of River Landing. Praying for great results!!!