Sunday, June 29, 2014

My favorite thing...

My favorite thing in the whole word to take pictures of is my kiddos.  Obviously.  I'm a bias mama who thinks she has cute kids!  What mama would say otherwise?!  To go a step further, I love to photograph my kiddos in their element.  No posing, just doing what they do.  

I was messing around with my favorite lens for our camera (55-200) the other night just following the kids around.  Here are some of my favorites. :)

 Clearly...Blake was having quite the day.  Pouting.  Whining.  Not getting his way.

 Anybody else loving the World Cup right now?!  I have never considered myself a huge soccer fan, but we're kind of addicted at our house. 
 Sneak peek at Blaker's belly.  It's looking so, so good!!
 Remember the birthday post?  Best smile goes to...Brode.  Hands down.

 Bowen was very determined.  He actually made a few and was so excited.  Giving high fives and the whole deal.

Dirty legs are surely a sign of a successful summer day, wouldn't you say?

Here's to more days like this during the summer.  

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