Thursday, March 13, 2014

Four Things...

1. BLAKE'S SURGERY - We started our stay a little early as we were admitted last Friday because Blake's heart rate and blood pressure were high.  Then he started running a fever.  By the time we got to Iowa City he was lethargic and I was having flashbacks to the scariest day ever.

They wasted no time getting us up to the PICU.  After a bunch of fluid and some antibiotics, he was like a new kid.  On Saturday, he was hanging from the monitor in the PICU.  They were like, "Umm...I don't think he needs to be in the PICU." Hahaha.  

Tuesday was the surgery to fix Blake's obstructed ureter.  They got us up to the pre-op area TWO HOURS early.  Why do they do that?!  Here's our pre-surgery selfie. 
The surgery went pretty well.  They fixed his ureter and even made his incision (which has been opened now four times!!) look pretty by removing a bunch of scar tissue.  We had to go BACK to the PICU because his blood pressures were low during the surgery.  Like really low and his kidney doesn't like that and so he didn't pee a lot.  

The next morning, we were out of the PICU and back to the regular floor.  Sidenote:  it is astounding how many times we have to switch floors and it's astounding how many rooms both in the PICU and regular floor we have been in.

Right now, Blake is doing pretty well.  He did spike a fever yesterday, but so far his cultures are negative, so we wait and see.  
2. DR. SEUSS WEEK- This is the kids' favorite week of the year at school with dress-up days each day of the week and celebrating Dr. Seuss!  This was Wacky Wednesday.  It took us like an hour on Tuesday night to get their outfits together. :)
 On Thursday, Jenna's teacher emailed me and asked if I would want to read a Dr. Seuss book to the class.  Um...YES!  So, the twins and I read a book to them and had a great time.
 Once Brody found out that I was reading to Jenna's class, he wanted me to read to HIS class.  He talked to his teacher Friday morning and we set the time for 1:45 PM.  Unfortunately, Iowa City wanted us to come because of Blake's heart rate and bps.  Luckily, Aaron was able to sneak over and take my place. 
The librarian was nice enough to take this picture of the twins and me at the Dr. Seuss celebration.
3. CHARACTER COUNTS -  For the second month in a row, we have a Character Counts winner at our house!  I was starting to worry Jenna had turned into a mean girl because she hadn't received an award, but then her teacher told me she was waiting for me to be home before she got one.  Awww....!! I also love how her smile never wavers as she is getting a congrats hug from Bowen!
 4. WORLD KIDNEY DAY - World Kidney Day is today!  I know I talk about kidneys a lot.  That's because they have turned our life upside down.  And, before all this, I had no idea how much they did for our bodies.  Truly amazing organs. 

Just a few things your kidneys do:
1. Produce urine
2. Get rid of toxins and excess fluid from your body
3. Help maintain your blood pressure
4. Produce red blood cells
5. Help your body control the salt and potassium levels in your body.
I honestly didn't know they did so much.  I thought they did the first two things on my list.  End of story.  
We have been truly blessed by the selflessness of a stranger, who is now family.  Steph went above and beyond for a complete stranger.  I can't tell you how much this new found bond means to both of our families!
 Alright, in honor of World Kidney Day let's all go drink...some water! ;)  

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B + A said...

So great to hear that his surgery went well. Praying big prayers to our God who can do more than we ask or imagine…that this is Blake's last inpatient stay for a LONG time!! And your family is adorable :)