Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Blake Catch-up

I am so far behind in blogging about Blake.  Again.  *sigh*  This whole balancing everything is challenging and so I will just update you when I have time.  Like now, because we have all the kiddos in bed and I'm actually not falling asleep at 9:15 PM.  Haha.

Here's a bit of a timeline of events:

Thursday, February 6th: We got to go home.  Things going well, until...

Monday, February 10th:  We have labs done at our house by a home health nurse.  She tells us that they will fax results to both Iowa City and to Aaron at school around noon or a little after.  At 2:00 PM I can't take it anymore, so I call Ames and ask if his labs are done.  They are and I ask for a few of his numbers: creatinine, BUN and his white blood cell count.

Conversation went like this:
Me: Can you tell me his WBC?
Nurse: 23.4
Me: 23.4?!
Nurse: 23.4
Later in the conversation...
Me: So his WBC is really 23.4?
Nurse: Yes.

Okay, yes I was annoying, but hearing that number I knew we were heading back to Iowa City.  I called Aaron because it was his prep time and just had a total breakdown.  Lots of tears.  I didn't want to go back.  I'm so sick of the hospital!!!

Anyway, we got to IC about 6:30 PM.  They took blood and urine cultures as they always do and started him on an antibiotic.  The night was uneventful - the best kind!

Tuesday, February 11th: The doctors round and say that they did something "bold" and have put Blakers on "23 hour observation."  I told them that since we're always there for months at a time they needed to tell me specifically what that means.  They said if his labs were still decent and his vitals continued to stay stable they would send us home on antibiotics THAT DAY.  Say whaaaat?!  Awesome.  We got to go home!!  Short and sweet.

Thursday, February 13th: Clinic day  in Iowa City.  Blake's creatinine is 0.6, the lowest it has been in a really, really, really long time.  Great news for that kidney function.  All of his other numbers are good.  His WBC was stable.  Boo to that.  Dr. Jetton said because he is already on antibiotics and he is stable and not running any fevers, we got to go home.  But, for her peace of mind we were doing another round of urine and blood cultures.

As of today, Monday, the urine culture and blood cultures have grown nothing.  Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, February 18th:  Labs with the home health nurse in the morning. 
Wednesday, February 19th: Clinic Day in Iowa City.

I'm continually encouraged by Blake's stable vitals and happy demeanor.  If I had to choose a word to describe him since coming home it would be THRIVING.  The kid is just a different person.  Physically and emotionally so much better.

When we got home, it was basically like having a baby again.  He couldn't sit up for long periods of time on the floor without toppling over.  No walking unless he had help.  Now?  He gets off the couch and walks around by himself.  We can see him getting stronger every single day.  Plus, he's just so happy to be around his siblings again!!! 

Alright...hopefully I will not go so long in-between updates again.  Or other blogs I need to do, like Dance Marathon that was almost a month ago (!!!) or our snow day today or other things... ;)

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