Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ultrasound, the "D" Word and Random Photos

Before I start, let me  just say that these photos are from a random night in December when Aaron was reffing.  One of those 11 days we were home.  The kids thought they needed a fashion show and needed to perform some songs and read books.  I found these today and they made me smile. :)
 Overall, Blake is doing pretty well.  They did a "steroid burst" over the weekend to try to help his kidney along a little bit.  That just means high dose steroids, which meant a not-so-happy, sleepy not-very-interactive Blake.   I could tell a difference in him on Monday and an even bigger difference in his demeanor today.  Much happier boy!
Our day started with his labs, as is generally the case.  His white blood cell count had dropped to below normal (cue my panic attacks), so they cultured his blood and urine and held one of his meds to see if it made a difference.  It DID!  Thank goodness!  So far, the cultures are negative too.
 Dr. Jetton, our nephrologist, rounded today and said that Dr. Stewart, the transplant surgeon, wasn't happy with the blood flow throughout Blake's kidney in the ultrasound that was done on Thursday and wanted to repeat that.  If she didn't like what she saw, it was another test involving some contrast to watch blood flow.  Also, they threw an ECHO in to check Blake's heart because of his recent high blood pressure.
 I saw the nephrology crew heading down the hallway towards us after the tests.  Can I tell you that it gives me anxiety when they are all heading towards our room?  You never know what they're going to say.  Anyway, it was good news!!  Dr. Stewart thought the blood flow looked BETTER than it did on Thursday and his ECHO was unchanged from the last time he had one done.  Woo-Hoo!
 And, as soon as I was happy, Dr. Stewart came and talked to me about the results herself after the nephrology team left.  UGH.  Why must they build me up to just freak me right back out?
 In addition to Blake's creatinine, another number they watch is his BUN.  It's another one of those kidney function numbers.  Blake's is pretty high right now.  So high that in the back of my mind, I silently plead that they don't mention the "D" word...dialysis.  Dr. Stewart verbalized my worst fears by saying that if his BUN continues to rise that dialysis, "is not out of the realm of possibilities." *sigh*
 Here's the thing.  There are only so many spots in your body you can do hemo dialysis.  Blake is two years old.  We HAVE to save those spots because he will probably need them later in life.  If you are the praying type, can you please pray that his BUN (and creatinine) go down?  We really, really need it to.
 Besides the "D" word being mentioned, Blake really did have a good day.  His labs overall were much improved.  Dr. Jetton was happy about that. 
 This kidney thing, ATN, that they have diagnosed him with, it's going to take time.  Time for his kidney to fully heal.  People ask how long.  I don't know.  Dr. Jetton mentioned it could be a couple of weeks before we see his creatinine drop.  I know, right?!
On the plus side, Dr. Stewart complimented me on my patience for the last almost-three months.  Dr. Kieran, our urologist, said I was one of the least hysterical patient parents she's ever had so HEY!  I have those things going for me.... ;)
 That's about all from Iowa City.  We just appreciate all of your love, prayers and support for our entire family!  We can't say it enough.

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