Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still here...

Oh hey strangers.  No worries.  The Burdorfs are still here.  We've just been busy!  If I don't blog for 14 straight days, that generally means we've got a bunch of stuff going on.  I feel like Aaron and I haven't been home on the same night in forever. Wrestling, basketball, board meetings, reffing, crazy newspaper deadlines, etc.  We are sitting together tonight and it's so nice.

I have just a bunch of random photos I have taken the past two weeks or month or so.  I told you I was behind.  I'll try to catch you up. :)  Our Star Student. Brody...so proud!
 My loves.  Goofier by the day. 
 The twins love books.  Seriously love.  I love that they love them.  It's such a great start for them.
Jenna lost her first top tooth!  She was so excited!
 Our neighbor, Jon, let Aaron run his tractor so he could clean out our driveway.  He's the best!
 Reading books in the cupboard?  Yes please.  Please ignore their much-needed haircut hair.  Oy.
 A snow day equaled bowling in the kitchen.  The twins were so cute. 
 More reading!  See a theme here?!  It's also that time at school where we keep track of reading minutes in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. 
 When did she get so grown up?  I think her hair, which she requests to me as her, 'messy bun,' makes her look like a teenager.  She is going to be seven in less than a month.  I'm having trouble comprehending this. 
 We have a serious problem at our house these days with nakedness.  Aaron was gone reffing this night and the kids just kept getting more and more naked!  Bowen is the worst.  He has been taking off his diapers too.  He loves to do that in his crib pre-nap.  UGH.  You can imagine the surprises I find when he does this!!!
 Doesn't everybody eat a cheese quesadilla in their diaper and socks?  No?  Okay... LOL
 I, for one, cannot wait to give these pom-poms back to Aunt Mandy when she finds out she's having a girl at their 20 week ultrasound! hahaha! 
 Bowen.  This kid.  I just love him to pieces.  He helped me make chocolate pudding for the kids' after school snack one day.  Needless to say, there wasn't much left when the kiddos got home. 
 Valentine's Day box.  Bee Mine!  We think it turned out pretty well.  Aaron, Jenna, Brody and I all pitched in and did a little something on it.
 Basketball.  Lots of basketball.  Aaron is done reffing and even though our West Marshall girls lost, Colo-NESCO made it to state, so we have that coverage next week.  I'm so excited for those girls!

 Aaron has been my wrestling guy at the paper.  He took this cool shot at district wrestling and also spent the day at team duals. 
 I think these two look alike.  What about you?
So when Aaron was at team duals, I tried to be a really nice mom and take the kids to the school park before naps.  Yeah...bad idea.  Blake tripped and fell in the mud.  While I was trying to corral that kid into the van I lost track of Bowen for about three seconds.  Wouldn't you know he was on his knees eating mud.  So I had two that looked like this:
 I love how much Brody loves to help.  Do anything.  Anything at all that you are doing.  "Mom, can I vacuum the living room?" Umm...YES!!!  He will make someone a very good husband someday. :)
 I'm hoping our busy time is winding down.  I could go for some down time, but with March comes the barrage of Burdorf Birthdays!  There's always something isn't there?  I'll try my best to get some more frequent posts up.

I will leave you with my baby dolls and the card we sent out to family for Valentine's Day.  Pretty good for whipping it together the Sunday before!


Sadie Ussery said...

I love reading your blog! Your kids seem like so much fun! It's hard when they get to be 5 and then every year you just wonder how they got to be so old! JJ is going to be 9 this year! I can't believe it!

mandy hunecke said...

hmmmmmmmm I think Jenna Jo would miss those pom poms, just saying!